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WOW! I won the Alesis Ion patch contest with my patch "StarShip(sw)" for the Ion. See Alesis' webpage, too. And here is a sample mp3 of my patch.

Alesis Germany did a little interview (in German) and on the News page there's a photo of me getting my brand new Andromeda A6 (scroll down a little bit...)

last update: December 2nd, 2004



Cubase SX 2 XML Files (MIDI Device Patch lists)

I made some patch definition files for Cubase SX 2 myself because I wasn't able to find them on the Web and I wanted to use my gear in a more comfortable way within Cubase. You can download them here for free. :-)

I'm not sure whether Cubase stores the connection to the MIDI Out port in the XML file, too. I have a Steinberg Midex8 interface -- so if you find some glimpses of that in the XML file just ignore them. You have to connect it to your MIDI hardware anyway.

Choose the "Save target as ..." function of your browser to avoid that the XML file gets interpreted by your browser in some way. Or click on the ZIP file link to get the XML file compressed into a much smaller ZIP file.

Use at your own risk! ;-)

Device File Comment
access indigo 2 XML file (1,57 MB)
ZIP file (56 KB)
2004-05-25: downloaded the old-stylish txt file from access' website and converted it into xml with Cubase SX 2.2.0.

Don't worry about the filename if you have a Virus C/KC. The Indigo2 (which I have) uses the same factory presets as the Virus C/KC because, in fact, all models are a Virus C ... ;-)
Alesis ion XML file (598 KB)
ZIP file (21 KB)
finished. (2004-04-11)

BUT: you can see an entry called "orange" in the MIDI device editor in Cubase SX – I don't know how to get rid of it. When I select it and press the Del key (the only way to remove entries) everything gets deleted. :-(
If you have an idea – don't hesitate and drop me a line.
Alesis Andromeda A6 XML file (574 KB)
ZIP file (24 KB)
finished. (2006-10-22)

Wow. After such a long time I did it again! Cubase 4 was just released but I don't have it, yet. I hope I can use my work for the Andromeda without a problem in Cubase 4.
KORG microKORG XML file (111 KB)
ZIP file (6 KB)
KORG Electribe EM-1 n/a some day ...
KORG Electribe MX-1 n/a some day ...
KURZWEIL MicroPiano XML file (48 KB)
ZIP file (3 KB)
2003-12-15: complete.
Oberheim OB-12 n/a some day ...
Roland R-8 n/a don't know ...
Roland XP-30 XML file (2575 KB)
ZIP file (90 KB)
2003-12-17: 128 User Patches finished.
2003-12-18: 128 PR-A Patches finished.
2003-12-19: 128 PR-B Patches finished.
2003-12-21: 128 PR-C Patches finished.
2003-12-27: 128 GM Patches finished.
128 PR-E Patches, 255 XP-A Patches, 255 XP-B Patches & 256 XP-C Patches to go ... :-(

2004-02-29: In vain! :-( Found a text file and converted it into an XML. Find that to the left.
Roland V-Synth XML file (541 KB)
ZIP file (18 KB)
2004-01-17: original 287 factory patches finished.
The XML-file contains these patches. Not contained are the patches that Roland made available for free as downloads. I'm working on entering them ...

2004-01-18: Don't wait for me to finish. Download this ZIP file from Roland which contains all factory presets, more new sounds, all ordered in a clever new manner, supporting the category feature of OS 1.50 and including a Cubase SX patch script file!
Yamaha AN200 XML file (641 KB)
ZIP file (24 KB)
complete. (it suddenly was there. don't know when.)
Yamaha DX200 XML file (627 KB)
ZIP file (19 KB)
2003-12-18: complete.
2003-12-29: modified slightly: included (Pxxx-Pxxx) in the bank headers.
Yamaha SY99 XML file (311 KB)
ZIP file (11 KB)
2004-01-16: started & finished

If anyone of you can support me with a patch script file (.txt) for one or more of the above mentioned gear -- don't hesitate and mail them to me! I'd really appreciate them!

And if you want to see the one or the other file being finished a bit earlier than I'd planned to finish it -- tell me and I'll see what I can do for you...



Here's a list of my hardware synthesizers and other gear. I list the devices from the table above again to make the list complete.


Groove Boxes or sim.

Drum Machines

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Audio Interfaces

MIDI Interfaces



Bücher (Books in German)

Hier eine Liste einiger Bücher, die ich zu diesem Thema empfehlen kann.

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